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Matkapunkt Kinnisvarabüroo will provide real estate-bound in the following fields:

 · The mediation of renting, buying and selling of summerhouses, houses and flats;

 · The buying and selling and the mediation of real estate, farmhouses, building lots and land;

· The renting, buying and selling of business lots;

· Necessary consultation for executing real estate transactions and the preparation of real estate objects for sale;

· Advertising over media and Internet, interaction with other real estate companies;

· The acquiring of necessary documents and acknowledgements for executing the deal (on the wish of the client);

· The assurance of the legality of the deal, the agreeing upon the prerequisites of the buying-selling deal, the presenting of the necessary documents for the notary, and the consulting of the client. The verifying of the performance of the terms of the contract at the notary.